Add Some Magick to Your Daily Life

Guest post by Soull


This is Soull, the University Witch. I run my own blog by the same title, but here on A Witchy Life, I’d like to try and give suggestions for bringing magick into your daily life—whether you’re a witch or a mundane.

So what counts as magick? Magick can be a feeling of pleasure, joy, and glee from all things fantastical and whimsical. It can be a fresh cup of brewed tea in a charming antique teacup, or even spell casting using glitter and sparkles. As long as it brings you happiness, joy, or even a sense of tranquility, that is indeed the most magickal thing of all.

Before my love Lore and I moved into our new apartment deeper in the city, we had moved from Canada and stayed with my godparents in a very secluded, large house in the woods. I was very much a suburb and city girl. There were spiders and bugs everywhere, and the weather was horribly hot in Texas over the summer . . . but even so, not even I could ignore the beautiful woods and lake that stemmed not too far out from the house.

That is what this is about! Bringing magick into your day-to-day life . . . by taking a step outside.

Sounds great and all, especially while sitting in a nice, climate-controlled house. Instead of beginning on a fruitless and perhaps miserable journey, take the time to read through some of the following suggestions to help ensure you have a great adventure outdoors . . . and don’t forget to leave the magick behind.

Things to do:

+ Collect beautiful objects. Nature is beautiful when you get down to it. So get down to it. There are plenty of gorgeous things to behold. Bring a basket or even something simple like a plastic cup along with you. If you’re in the woods, look around for flowers of all colors and sizes and collect petals. Sometimes even berries can be collected; blackberries were in the back of our woods. You can use them to make ink! Gorgeous stones can be hunted down and used for making circles, or even something simple like a paperweight. And if you’re by water, seashells are also a great choice for hunting down! When was the last time you took the time to find and enjoy such things? I doubt Mother Nature will be displeased if you play about in her garden in order to refill your spirit with joy. The world is bright and beautiful for a reason.

Picture by Soull

If you’re really worried about going and picking flowers because you’d ruin their beauty, think about incorporating them into spell work or even fun art projects!

+ Journey off the beaten path. If you’re walking down a trail that is familiar to you, how about stepping off the path and venturing off in another direction? You may see things you’ve never seen before, or find a faster route, or a more scenic one. You might even get lost. You can turn a normal walk into a grand adventure! But please be responsible with this one! [No walking off cliffs, for example, because you weren’t paying attention.  Safety first!]

+ Sing to the animals. And the trees, and the grass, and the sky. Why? Because if you’re out in the middle of the woods, no one can hear you! This is especially good for witches and mundanes who can’t seem to hold a note—let alone carry it though the woods with them.

+ Feel the earth. Seeing is not something you do with just your eyes. Take off your shoes and bury your toes in the dirt. Tickle through the grass. Touch and feel the bark on the trees, or the softness of a flower petal. Throw acorns or pine cones and run around.

+ Imagine this is your home. What fun could it be to live in the woods? You could pretend you’re a beautiful forest nymph, a free-spirited fairy or a tricky pixie. If those notions are too fantastical for you, you can always imagine being a dashing elf or a road-weary wanderer living off the land. What would you do? Mimic the actions; create your own storyline! Soon, you may find the new world you’ve created is something to come back to.

Picture by Soull

+ Cloud gaze. If the weather (mainly the hot, hot sun) is forgiving, splay out in the grass, sand, or rocks and cloud gaze. On a sunny day, concentrate on finding shapes and pictures. Make a game of finding make-believe “prophecies” in the clouds (or do it for real: its called nephomancy, by the way). On more cloud days, you can still practice your aeromancy [divination by observing atmospheric, air, or sky phenomena] by studying the atmospheric conditions: the roll of thunder, the way the clouds shape and move in the air, and color. It’s also great for meditating, as it’s rather easy to lose yourself watching a steady stream of grey clouds. Just make sure to get home quickly if it starts raining!

While out in the wide world of nature, make sure you also regard personal safety. Take your cellphone with you if applicable, and if it’s hot, make sure to carry with you a bottle of water and maybe a snack.  Don’t let what is supposed to be a good experience turn into a miserable one. If you find you’re not enjoying yourself, head home and try it again another day.  Perhaps it was too hot, or too cold, or maybe just a bad day in general for fun and fancy. It happens!

Hopefully you find these tips enjoyable! ♥ Have fun, and remember witches, that even when not casting spells (or for you mundanes, even if you’re not a witch) you can put a little bit of magick into your day-to-day life.

Soull, the University Witch


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