Counteracting DC40

For a description of DC40 and the New Apostolic Reformation, see my previous post.  A lot of people have been talking recently about how to counteract the energy that will be raised from DC40.  There are many options, some of which are tried and true methods and some of which are more difficult and hazy.  But even if the event turns out to not be as huge as we think it will be (unlikely, but there’s always the possibility), I think it’s clear by now that we need to do something.  Even if you can’t get to DC, or can’t get into town, or don’t really have any ideas for something big to do, that’s OK: every little bit of energy raised by Pagans and allies who care will help.

I don’t think we should direct any energy or spells specifically toward the people participating in DC40.  To me, that kind of action just sinks us to their level, attempting to control or influence others without permission.  I think we could direct energy toward the energy they have raised, but that might be a little hazy and difficult.  Instead, I think the more of us that pray for or cast spells for peace, freedom, and basic human rights, the more effective we can be in creating a counterbalance.  By not aiming our energy against the DC40 people themselves, we are instead directing our energy toward creating peace and liberty.  If enough of us are aware of this event and take action, I’d bet we could definitely counteract whatever maleficent energy DC40 raises, and maybe even overcome it.

Another good suggestion I’ve seen floated around on the blogosphere in a number of places is to support the pseudo-goddess Columbia [strictly speaking, Columbia is not a historical or ancient goddess. She is more like a post-1600 perception/reinvention of the older concept of goddesses of liberty.].  After all, Washington, D.C. is named the “District of Columbia.”  It would make sense that since these people are attacking Columbia, we should do what we can to support her.  I’ve not had direct interaction with Columbia, myself, but she’s a lady I could get behind and support.  The stronger we can make her, the better she will be at warding off the energy from DC40, and the better protected the city itself will be.

Using mirror visualizations to reflect the energy raised back onto the DC40 group might not be the best option in this case.  Normally, it would sound like a great idea, and is one I’ve used myself, but I don’t know if a mirror would work here.  First, we’re talking about a huge amount of energy that will be raised.  Second, reflecting back onto DC40 might just make things worse, and might only feed the group instead of nullify them.

Creating a shield is good, and that’s part of supporting and shielding Columbia.  But I think we could also try visualizing a shield around the city that would prevent the harmful energy from taking root.  This would protect the city, Columbia, and the people.  But then you have the question of what happens to all that energy?  If DC40 raises as much energy as we think it will, we don’t want it to sink into the ground or anything like that.  A shield, while a good idea, may take some more thought in its execution.

Redirecting the energy raised by DC40 is not advised.  Not only is the energy probably going to be A LOT of energy, but it’s going to be powerful and stuff that you don’t want to touch, even if you have a great deal of experience in energy manipulation.  Frankly, I don’t want to touch the energy, never mind conduct or redirect it.  And it may turn out that there will be so much energy that it would be overwhelming to even try to redirect.

I’m a big fan of candle magic.  If you have a safe place to leave a candle burning all day or all night long, where it won’t light other things on fire or tip over, then lighting a white candle and using a spell for peace could be a great idea.  The spell would stay active until the candle goes out–so if you have a tall or wide candle that burns for hours, that spell stays active for many hours without you having to exert much in the way of attention.  Even if you can’t leave a candle burning like that, or don’t have any big candles, smaller candles work just as well, you just have to use it safely.

Also, going out to support the DC drum circle en masse would be a great way to show support and solidarity for other Pagans and the city.

For more opinions and updates on the DC40 event, check out these other blogs and commentators:


One response to “Counteracting DC40

  1. I wouldn’t support using Columbia. She’s named after Columbus, and she’s a propaganda tool. Yech. I think all that colonial/Manifest Destiny stuff should go down in history as “bad times.” Because hey, you know how we can make invasion and genocide totally okay? Make a pretty white lady poster girl for it. Sad.

    For me, if the intent is quelling a storm of people who want to make all of our politicians the same brand of conservative Christian, it wouldn’t make sense to use a symbol of obliterating various indigenous peoples in order to clear land for white Christian (or “Christian”) people’s farming and mining. It’s all hate disguised as beauty and righteousness.

    It’s not Columbia’s fault. Just, y’know, strip off the veil and you see this instead:×210.jpg and once seen, now that I’ve been to Wounded Knee, I don’t intend to ever unsee it. There are, of course, other valid perspectives, just as there are valid arguments for and against using the swastika symbol…

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