Question of the Week: Of Gods and Men

While I was writing the previous posts about DC40 and NAR, the “goddess” Columbia came up in the discussion.  However, Columbia is not an ancient goddess in the way that Athena or Zeus are.  She is not originally a part of Roman culture, although her name comes from Latin.  But today she is considered by some to be a deity, and it got me thinking:

Do we create the gods?

You could lengthen that question by also asking if the gods lived before humanity, or which came first the chicken or the egg.  But what do you think of this matter?  Post your response in the comments section below.


One response to “Question of the Week: Of Gods and Men

  1. Short answer: Yeah.

    Answer that allows for the possibility of divine forces existing: If these forces exist without and before and after us, then gods and goddesses, all beings of spirit, are ways that we name them. Names blossom into story and shape. There is communication between us and them. I haven’t the foggiest idea how it works, but I go with it and a grain of salt.

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