Weekly Deity: Tepeyollotl

Image from Wikipedia

Tepeyollotl is the Aztec god of earthquakes, caves, echoes, and jaguars.  his name means “heart of the mountains.”


This god is associated with jaguars, and so is often depicted as a jaguar or a man wearing a jaguar skin leaping toward the sun.


Tepeyollotl is responsible for echoes and earthquakes.  It’s his raised voice that causes the earth to shake.

Jaguars, in Mesoamerican culture, were highly revered and respected creatures.  They were often the symbol of elite warriors, royalty, and the shaman.  For a deity to bear a jaguar form is a sign of great respect and strength, which makes sense–the Aztecs would most likely greatly respect a god that would shake the earth.

Light and Dark Sides

I couldn’t find anything that talks about his personality, but in general, deities that can cause earthquakes aren’t considered all that Light.  They tend to be very angry and very, very touchy.  I would treat this god with respect and care.


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