A One-Two Punch

First we get the worst earthquake the East Coast has seen in decades.  Then we get the worst hurricane the East Coast has seen in decades.

It’s enough to make even the most oblivious stop and think: “What the hell is going on here?!?”

I know I’ve thought that in the last few days.  I don’t generally believe in coincidence.  I tend to believe that most things happen for a reason.  So when the weather gets stronger and the disasters get worse, I start to wonder what the natural forces are trying to tell us.

Of course, natural disasters in some way only seem more destructive because the human population has risen to the point where any major natural disaster will affect hundreds of thousands, even millions, of people.  More people live on the coast than ever before.  So when a strong hurricane comes around and is strong enough to cause loss of life, in part that high number is our fault.  We chose to live near the coast, and (usually) we can choose to leave.

But that still does not disguise the fact that in recent years, the storms themselves have been stronger.  April and May were record months for tornadoes in the Midwest and central US.  The East Coast is being hammered with a one-two punch of natural forces.  Japan had the strongest earthquake and tsunami that they’ve ever had.  And all of this happened in one year.  Can anyone remember another year in which nature has been so furious?

It bears thinking about.  Maybe she is causing all these disasters in order to make us more aware of our choices, our actions.  It’s interesting to note as well that as the natural forces have been growing stronger and more obvious, so have the old systems been breaking down in politics and government.  As the natural forces grow to more strength and upheaval, so too does human nature grow to a breaking down of the old systems that no longer work.

Granted, I may be entirely wrong.  Only time will tell.  But since I don’t generally believe in coincidence, and I see how the world has grown to more upheaval and unhappiness as the natural disasters have also grown, it seems a logical conclusion that maybe the natural forces and Mother Nature are trying to propel humanity to a different way of life.

And no, I don’t think these energies are trying to propel us to death in 2012.  I’ve never bought into that “end of the world” thing.  For my thoughts on that issue, read my post My View of 2012.


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