Sedona is famous in the new age and metaphysical communities for its vortexes.  There are seven known vortexes within Sedona’s limits, which is a fairly high number for a single place.  Each vortex is located out in the beautiful red rock formations that surround the town in natural splendor.

What is a vortex?

For those who don’t know, a vortex is basically a center of spiraling, whirling, accumulated energy.  This energy generally comes from the earth and operates on various levels.  For example, the Bell Rock vortex (named for the rock formation the vortex is located at) is known to be a good overall balancing vortex for a person’s personal energy.  If I just wanted a general tune-up of all my personal energies, I would go to that one, as it is also a good activator because of its intense energy.

Bell Rock

But the Cathedral Rock vortex is known as being great for stress reduction and rejuvenation, so if that’s what I wanted to accomplish, I would go to that one.  Vortexes are also great at strengthening masculine, feminine, and balanced energies.  For example, if I wanted to strengthen my feminine side, I would go to a vortex that would emanate strong feminine energies.

When discussing vortexes, the theory of ley lines often comes up.  Ley lines are supposed to be lines of natural energy that cover the earth.  Where these lines converge, a node is formed that is a center of natural energy.  Where many ley lines converge, a vortex is created.  This theory tends to be rather popular in new age communities.

How do I use a vortex?

Generally, people go to a vortex when they want to balance some kind of energy.  Interacting with a vortex can do that for some people, and can be a cleansing experience.  Meditating at the vortex is one way to accomplish this, as well as performing yoga or tai chi, both of which emphasize a clear and calm mind and balancing the body and mind and harmony.  I’ve gone to vortexes before and just used them to get back in touch with the earth.  Grounding was almost a heady action at the vortex for me because I could feel the intense energy of Bell Rock.

I highly recommend at least trying a vortex once.  I know many people who have successfully been able to visit a vortex and find some sense of inner peace and balance, even if it only lasted as long as the visit to the vortex.  That’s enough to create change, to get things moving.  However, I know some people as well who just could not connect with a vortex, for whatever reason.  Heck, I’ve had trouble with vortexes when I had a really bad day and just didn’t realize that I really shouldn’t be out at the vortex at that moment.  It’s a highly personal experience, but usually well worth the visit.

To read more information about vortexes, I highly recommend the vortex section of the Center for the New Age’s website here.


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