Making the Best of a Situation

I have jury duty this week.

I dread it.

I really don’t want to be on a jury.  I don’t want to hold someone’s future or life in my hands.  Sure, there would be 7 other people with me, but that doesn’t make me feel any better.  I’m hoping and praying and wishing that the rest of this week I won’t be needed.  That I’ll call every night and be let off.

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I have no problems with the concept of doing my civic duty.  However, that doesn’t mean I actually want to do it.  But jury duty is kind of one of those situations in which it’s only as bad as you make it.  If you are dead-set on making it a miserable experience, then it’s going to be miserable.  If you frame it as a time to catch up on some reading, or writing, or time to chill and watch tv, then it’s not so bad.

As for serving on a jury, I don’t particularly want to do so, but I’m reminded of the reason that jury service was created in the first place.  It gives us all a chance to participate in government and justice.  It gives every citizen a chance to do something to maybe make the world better by putting away a criminal or freeing an innocent person.  Of course, mistakes can be made, but often those mistakes are made by the lawyers by not proving their cases, not by the jury.  It’s a pain and an inconvenience, but it’s a system that has some merit.  While I desperately hope I won’t have to actually be on a jury, I can admire the system and support it.

I’d just rather support it in some other way!


3 responses to “Making the Best of a Situation

  1. Are you livestock or free? Why do you chose to submit to illegal summons? (The state’s need does not enslave you)

    If you do chose to go, look up jury nullification.

    Else, remain free.

  2. I’m glad you got off the first day. I had a call this summer but responded that I couldn’t go because I’d be in MD. They rescheduled me for the day after Christmas when I’ll be in Hong Kong… -_____________- so we’ll see how that goes.

    Hope yours goes well =]

    • Thanks! I was super happy when the lady came in and told us we could go. I was bored, and watching the Price is Right is only amusing for so long!

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