Casting on Other People

The subject has come up recently, both in the last PSU meeting and in life, of what it means to cast spells on or manipulate the energy of other people.  In PSU, it was a friendly debate and sharing of opinions.  In life, I just had someone try to change my energy.

I did not like it.

In fact, it rather made me angry.  Sure, he meant well, but I had just met this person.  He knew nothing more than my name and face.  I knew the same, except when he introduced himself to the group I had gone to with my mother, he said he was an intuitive healer.  Fine, I can deal with that, I met a handful of such people while I was out in Arizona.  They were very nice ladies, and I felt no qualms about allowing them to muck with my energy field because they: 1) asked permission, and 2) explained exactly what they were doing, both before and as they worked.

This guy didn’t.  He asked me to sit down and work with him–and if that’s his way of asking permission, it is nowhere near adequate.  Then he tried to rid me of problematic past lives, told me my grounding sucked, and told my mom to keep me coming back because I need a lot of work.

Now, sure, it’s possible the last two might be true.  I know already my grounding needs improvement, and I’m already doing the work to improve myself.  My problem comes in when he didn’t explain what he was trying to do until afterward and barely asked permission, and then he attempted to muck with my past lives.  I’m not even sure if the latter is possible, but regardless of possibility, my past lives are my own business, thank you, and I certainly did not invite him to do anything about that.

The point with this, besides telling a story, is that he may have had good intentions, but the ethics of his actions are very grey.  I believe that if I had allowed him to make what changes he was trying to make, those changes would be made–but because I was on guard and resistant to what he was doing, I blocked his efforts.  And then when I left I grounded and undid everything he might have done.

I come from the belief that it’s important to ask permission and explain your actions before attempting to manipulate others’ energy or being.  While whatever you do probably won’t work if the other person is resistant to your efforts or truly does not want to change, you are still attempting to somehow change someone else.  You would be wasting your tie and energy on someone who doesn’t want your help, and what’s the point of that?

This relates to spells in the example of a healing spell.  You may have the best intentions in the world of, say, healing your sick granny–but you would be doing her no favors by not asking her permission before casting your spell and her soul wants to move on.  There are now two sides to this debate (that I’m aware of) those who say that if she truly wants to move on and not be affected by anything else, she will move on and your spell has no effect; and those who say that you can heal the body even if she wants to go.

Either way, why would you want to take the chance?

And this applies to any healing, or really any spell.  You don’t know what the other person truly wants or needs unless you ask, and even then, they themselves may not know.  By not asking, you are making an assumption about another person’s state of being.  You don’t know what the other person is supposed to be learning from their disease or misfortune or heart break or accident, and curing or fixing it for them means they learn nothing.

I think it’s wisest to always ask permission before casting on or trying to influence other people.  Even if you have good intentions and think you know what they want or need, basing magickal actions on assumptions is usually a bad idea.  It’s like not doing your homework before turning it in and only handing in a blank sheet of paper.  You’re unprepared and it could backfire.


3 responses to “Casting on Other People

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  2. I whole heartedly agree with your point here. Was this guy recognized by any organizations or committees? If so, it may be worth reporting him, or at the very least, giving him a verbal earful. That’s extremely disturbing behavior out of anyone, much less any sort of “healer”.

    • I don’t think he belongs to any organizations. I also can’t quite tell who he was trained by or what kind of training he has received–he doesn’t appear to list any credentials on his website, he just talks a lot about what he can do, which right there raises a red flag for me. I don’t think I’ll be going back to the group through which I met him, anyway–something or someone was making me feel extremely ill. I didn’t mention this in my post, but he was also reading the other people in the room–also without prior permission. That, in my opinion, is a big no-no. I’ve always been taught that you don’t read other people without their permission first. Picking something up by accident is one thing, but actively reading is beyond the limits.

      If you want to see his website, I’ll email you the link, but I’m not putting his name or website on here.

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