DC Drumming Circle

If you’re in the DC metro area, here’s an event you may be interested in: Tomorrow night (Oct. 28) is the annual drumming circle for Samhain, hosted by Open Hearth Foundation and Ecumenicon Fellowship.  It’s held outside the Jefferson Memorial, which is on the tidal basin, and is accessible by the metro rail system (closest stop is probably Smithsonian).  It’s supposed to start at 8:00pm and I believe it goes until 11pm.

I went about two years ago and have intended to go back ever since, but sadly I keep missing it.  It’s a wonderful event, though, with a good many people showing up and dancing to the sound of drums underneath the stars and the memorial.  The water lends an almost eerie effect.  It’s well worth attending, and best of all, it’s free.  Just come with yourself and your dancing feet (if you wish to dance).  Some people show up in costume, and that’s fine too.  All that the organizers ask if that you be respectful of those who show up.  The drumming circle is held for Samhain, so many attendees use this time to honor their ancestors and the dead spirits around them.

Have fun!  If you go, come back and tell us all about it!


2 responses to “DC Drumming Circle

  1. Are you not going this year?

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