Guest Post: Celebrating Samhain

Salutations, everyone! This is Soull Soothslayer, from the blog University Witch!

I’m here to give a little in terms to the upcoming Sabbat, Samhain! So! How will all of you be celebrating your Halloween? There are many ways to do it, from the mundane to the exceptionally witchy. It’s not too late to utilize them, either!

Below are a few ways you can get your Samhain on!

Go to a Haunted House. I did this when my friend Sakura from Australia came over to the US to visit my friends and me. We decided to go to a horror “theme park” of sorts, which had a multitude of different attractions to go through. It had been Lore’s first time at a haunted house, as well as Sakura’s, as they apparently don’t do that kind of thing in the land down under (though I assume it’s because the animals there are 100x more terrifying than anything a haunted house could cook up).

“What? No, they don't scare me, I find those in my bed all the time.”

Explore the Woods at Night. This could be potentially dangerous, but nevertheless a good time. Armed with a group of friends and some flashlights, you could be asking to go home about ten minutes in, or have a great time outside playing hide-and-seek and telling scary ghost stories. Also, this is just a pathway to being in your own personal horror movie if things go wrong. Speaking of which…

Watch Halloween-themed movies. This is a Halloween classic, which there is no shame in partaking in if you have a lack of anything better to do. This is perfectly fine during Halloween night while kids are out trick or treating (nothing like a perfectly timed knocking at the door while you’re on the edge of your seat), or later when the candy mongers have already gone home. Also, if horror movies are not your thing, watching fun movies like The Craft or The Covenant are always acceptable alternatives. In fact, University Witch has a list of movies that are relative to your witchy interests!

Take your siblings/kids trick-or-treating. While this could sound like a bore, this can actually benefit you in some way or another. There are some people that, while decorating, go all out and create a rather spooky atmosphere that no children dare approach. Teasing your sibling about it might lead to them sucking it up and approaching… only to watch their hilarious reactions when something pops up and actually scares them. It’s a great bonding experience, and you might be able to cajole some candy out of them for having walked with them through all the chills and horrors of the night (or get your parents to give you some).

“Go on now, it’s all just pretend!”

Throw a masquerade. Back in the day, masks were worn on Samhain in efforts to scare away the negative spirits from the new year, while simultaneously respecting the fallen lives of friends and loved ones. Who’s to say that there’s no reason to throw a masquerade, then? Masks always made everything fun, especially when paired with a good costume… sometimes you can hardly tell who is who! That’s half the fun!

Or someone else entirely may be under that mask...

Host a Samhain gathering. There are many ways to celebrate, but hosting a celebration at your house can be lots of fun. You can ask the invitees to bring some food along with them as well to stuff up the bulk of what you already have, so you don’t have to break the bank. You can do spell work, or even just sit around and talk about the things you’ve done throughout the year. Hey, and no one is saying costumes can’t be included!

Whether you celebrate Samhain or Halloween, whether you are a witch or a mundane, this holiday can turn into lots of fun for you and your friends. Neither mundane nor witch should forget that both sides have something to offer for the holiday.

Happy Halloween/Samhain!

Soull, the University Witch



5 responses to “Guest Post: Celebrating Samhain

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  3. I always love your guest post from the University Witch! She’s got a silly, but engaging style of writing. 😛 I hope to see more of her stuff!

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