Question of the Week: Pagans in Media and Movies

There are a number of movies in which Pagans, regardless of variation, are portrayed in either a positive or negative light.  Practical Magic tends to be considered a more positive portrayal, while something that portrays Pagans as animal sacrificing Devil worshipers is considered negative.  I know I don’t tend to like movies and other media of the latter persuasion.  So this week’s question is this:

Do you think portrayals of Pagans in movies and media matter to those outside of Paganism?  Do negative portrayals bother you at all?

As always, answer in the comments below and let me know what you think!


One response to “Question of the Week: Pagans in Media and Movies

  1. I actually love Practical Magic. It’s one of my favorite movies. I felt that they researched it quite well, and portrayed it very well. (Wish I had more active powers like that!) But, you are right, I don’t like it when it is portrayed to be devil worship. However, I think most people are wising up, and realise that pagans, and witchcraft is more about the Earth, and the oneness of everything.

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