Question of the Week: Stones

Without fail, a metaphysical stores is guaranteed to have shelves of stones.  Tumbled, precious, semi-precious, factory-made, natural cut… you’re bound to find stones, and lots of them.  I think it’s safe to say that we all love stones.  They’re pretty and shiny and make for good decorations.  Some of us believe that stones have natural properties that can be utilized for different things, and used to enhance spells and magick.  For example, celestite is said to be good for enhancing psychic qualities and opening the third eye.  Bloodstone is said to help a woman’s menstrual cramps and flow when placed over the womb.  Hematite is good for grounding.

So this week’s question is:

Do you believe stones have natural properties that can be used for our benefit?

As always, replies go in the comments, and no flaming!


6 responses to “Question of the Week: Stones

  1. Yes. I believe in the power of stone. I wear a Hematite ring and I keep my stones on my altar so they can breath. My personal stone is calcite although a few other stones have called to me at times and other times I have sought certain stones out.

  2. I’m crazy about crystals. I’m not sure if the stones themselves have inherent properties or if they just allow us to focus our intent, but either way, they sure can help get the job done.

  3. I was just thinking about this last night. I’m currently in Sedona, where New Age shops (and therefore stones for purchase) abound. I am unemployed and nearing broke, so while I’m happy to browse, stones aren’t really in my budget. However, I found myself being very drawn to the lepidolite. I stood over it, basked in it, and got myself a good visualization to take home with me at no extra charge. It seems to be working just as well as a solid stone.

    I don’t think I “took” or “borrowed” energy from the actual stone, nor that I’ve got some kind of energy cord grounding me to the actual stone. I think it’s all in my head. But just because it’s in your head, said Dumbledore, doesn’t make it any less real.

    • And Dumbledore is very wise!
      Sedona is a good place to be if you’re looking for stones, that’s for sure. Just don’t take any of the red rock out of Sedona–it’s serious bad luck.

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