An Experience with the Third Eye

Some of you may have read this post, Casting on Other People, and this post is related in some ways to that one, largely because it’s dealing with the same person I talked about in the previous post.

My issue this time is what happened during the event I attended.  I pretty much got dragged to it by my mom.  It was an event discussing the third eye/the sixth chakra.  The discussion leaders talked about the structure of the chakras, different psychic abilities (mainly clairvoyance), and ways to use or open the third eye.  But after the discussion, the man I had had a problem with last time, and whose ethics I still question, went around the group and was opening and clearing out peoples’ third eyes.

If you didn’t read the previous post or don’t remember it, this man claims to be an intuitive healer.  Fine, that’s all well and good.  My ethics question is, should anyone be opening another person’s third eye?  It’s one thing to help a person reach that stage on their own and give them the tools and the foundation to do this themselves.  It’s quite another to clear and open someone’s third eye for them in a group event and not question whether that person is ready for it, has the foundation to support such psychic activities, and can shut it down if needed.

In this case, the ethics are slightly less grey than the last time–these people did willingly allow this man to do this to them and muck with their psychic energies.  However, that does not entirely alleviate the question of whether the action is ethical in the first place.  I don’t particularly care if they asked for it or were willing participants–a child could ask for a knife, but you wouldn’t necessarily give a child a knife without some questions (I hope).  It may not be a perfect analogy, but you get the idea of what I’m getting at.  Just because someone is willing and gives permission doesn’t mean you should do whatever you’re going to do.

I highly disagree with actions like this.  Yes, as an intuitive healer, I would expect that this man would be more in tune with spiritual guidance and may in fact know on some level if this person is ready for their third eye to be open and that person is not.  I’ll grant that.  But I still question the actual act of someone opening another person’s third eye for them instead of providing teaching for that person to do so themselves.  Yes, the latter takes longer and doesn’t give an immediate payoff.  Yes, it can be frustrating and difficult and discouraging at times.  But the benefits are worth it, in my opinion.

I put forward the argument that it is not right for a person to do this sort of thing for someone else.  I very strongly feel that it is not proper or responsible on the part of the practitioner who’s working someone else’s energy unless they are also helping the person to understand how to shut down the third eye and help the person obtain a good foundation as well.

However, I also acknowledge that all of these people are adults and I am not going to stop adults from practicing or learning in whatever way they wish unless I see some kind of crime being committed.  I certainly don’t agree with the way this person is going about things and think that it’s wrong–but I also felt that I had no right to stop these people from allowing this behavior if they are consenting and willing and such.  I simply removed myself from the situation and did not allow him to do anything with my third eye, and, to his credit, he didn’t push it.  So while I may think it wrong and unethical, I also felt it was not right at that moment to question the ethics of the situation.


2 responses to “An Experience with the Third Eye

  1. I think that sometimes closing our third eye is an act of self-protection…I don’t know that he *could* undo that, but if he did, it seems like it could be dangerous to someone’s mental health. It sounds like the whole experience could have been more collaborative than he was making it.

    • I agree, not utilizing the third eye could be an act of self-protection. Some people just are not ready for that sort of thing, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m not entirely certain that he could open someone’s third eye, but since I believe that we each affect each other’s energy, both willfully and not, then I have to at least allow for the possibility that what he was doing was working. I wish people from the presentation would comment in the group so I could see if they noticed any change or not, but sadly, I haven’t seen anything about it yet.

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