Snapshot Saturday: Zoo, Part Two

Part two of zoo pictures!  A couple weeks ago, just after Christmas, I went with my boy to the National Zoo Lights.  It was awesome!  I will definitely go again next year.  Ooh, I should make that a tradition… back to the topic.  Here are some more pics from my zoo adventure!  (For the first post, click here.)


A pair of otters


Lizard gecko thingy


Gigantic turtle! Seriously, it was huge


Dragon creature


3 responses to “Snapshot Saturday: Zoo, Part Two

  1. Hi!
    I’m just catching up with your posts and sadly can’t see any of your pictures. Am I simply too late or is there a chance I might still be able to have a look at them? This applies to the post above as well as to your first zoo visit.

    Anyway, still nice to read you. ;o)

    • How strange! Sorry about that, I’ve never had a problem with Photobucket not displaying my pictures when I link to them. I’m working on the issue now and hopefully I’ll be able to fix it! Thanks for letting me know!

      • Obviously, you’ve fixed the problem. Thank you! :o)
        Very nice photos, I’d like to see more of them in the future. Your no-name bird reminds me of a californian quail, though it doesn’t seem to be an exact match. Maybe a (distant) relative?
        Have a nice week!

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