Question of the Week: Fate

My life has taken some twists and turns lately, and I’ve gone through a number of ups and downs.  It’s enough to make me pause and wonder the “hows” and “whys” of events, and usually when this happens I begin to ponder the concepts of fate and destiny and free will and all that jazz.  I’m still on the fence about lots of things, and some things will never have a definitive answer.  But I wanted to know the opinions of my lovely readers.

Do you believe in fate/destiny?

Answer in the comments below!  No flaming each other, keep it civil.


2 responses to “Question of the Week: Fate

  1. There has been many changes in my life recently as well (across the past year, to now), which has left me with much to ponder upon and look back, but also much more to look forward to.

    I am not a strong believer of “absolute fate” or “absolute destiny” – I do not believe the path of our lives are already pre-determined. However, I do believe that everyone walks on a general path in life, which is “fate”. Depending on how one walks their path, and the “fateful decisions” made at certain junctions in life (i.e. cross-roads), one might continue their path towards a destination that might actually be quite different than what was originally in store.

    “Destiny” is often termed as “what one is destined to become”… However I find that description over-simplistic. I believe that for many of us, “destiny” is something that takes shape as we progress on in life. We unconsciously mold and craft it with our experiences and our dreams. It is not something “yet to be”, far away in the future; it is something hidden within all of us, waiting to be discovered, to be fulfilled, to be realized.

  2. I’m kinda like you. There have been too many ups and downs in my life for me to know for sure about “fate” or “destiny”. All I know is, your life is what you make of it. Blessing coming your way.

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