In the News: “Rock Group ‘Junkyard Prophet’ Delivers…”

OK, so this story isn’t exactly about religion, it’s more about a religious band promoting some anti-gay and anti-abortion ideals to high school students–but I have a feeling they would be anti-Pagan.  And anyway, regardless of whether it has to do with religion, it’s outrageous enough to share.

The article is “Rock Group ‘Junkyard Prophets’ Delivers Controversial Message at School Assembly,” published by Shine! on Yahoo.  The main gist of it is that this group was invited to speak at a high school in Iowa and they talked about some very non-pc topics that the administration didn’t intend for them to cover, such as homosexuality and abortion and, although I couldn’t tell you for sure from the contents of the article, probably some hate speech in there for good measure against homosexuals.

What I find astonishing about this incident is that the administration didn’t put an immediate stop to it when the anti-gay talk began.  No, they let the group finish, and then the superintendent stands up and tells the kids to, oh, just forget what they were just subjected to.  What I find even more astonishing is that the band separated the assembly into three groups–boys, girls, and teachers–and the teachers allowed this to happen as well.  Granted, I am assuming that these breakout groups were all in different rooms, but when you have students in tears and walking out of an assembly or breakout group, wouldn’t you question what’s going on??  Even more so if the breakout groups were in the same room!

It just makes me question what happened to peoples’ common sense.  How could the administration and the teachers have allowed it to happen?  That’s what I fail to understand.  And for the superintendent to step up after and say “oh, we don’t endorse these messages at all…” yet allow the group to finish the presentation in the first place.  Sending very mixed messages to these students, as well as causing a good bit of harm.  Some students called home in tears after the assembly!  It’s disgusting, and I hope the parents of these kids take the school district to task for allowing it to happen.

The original article, “Iowa high school assembly stirs protest,” can be found at the La Crosse Tribune.


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