Happy Ostara

Happy spring equinox!  This year, the equinox officially occurs on March 20 at 5:14GMT.

For some ideas on how to celebrate the holiday, and for some of its history, have a look at my previous post, “Ostara, the Spring Equinox.”

Some other ideas I want to add to my previous list are to spring clean the house or room, and wear new clothes.  Now, the clothes don’t have to be brand spanking new–not all of us can afford it!  New clothes could mean something as simple as a shirt altered to look slightly different, or add a pin or accessory to it, or shorten a skirt.  The point is that they’re still different from what they were before.  Why new clothes?  Same reason that spring cleaning gets done around this time every year: bringing in the new, vibrant energy and clearing out the old, stuffy, stagnant energy from winter.

In honor of Ostara, I’ve collected some artwork from around the web that celebrates the holiday.  None of it belongs to me; all credit goes to the artists, and links to the original are included where possible.  Enjoy!

(c) Lucid Source



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