Question of the Week: Pagan Community

Well, a lot has happened this weekend which has me questioning whether a “Pagan community” actually exists.  Can we claim that we are a community?  Does this community only exist online, or are there real-world communities as well?  I read a number of opinions recently that seem to be saying we can’t call ourselves a community, or that Pagans as a general whole are not a community at all.  These opinions seem to imply that the subsets of Paganism may have some kind of community–such as a Wiccan community, an Asatru community, a Druidic community, etc.–but that a general, umbrella-term Pagan community does not in fact exist.

What do you think?  Is there a Pagan community?  Is it only online or does it have a mirror in the real world as well?

As usual, post opinions and responses in the comments section. No flaming.


2 responses to “Question of the Week: Pagan Community

  1. If there is no pagan community then why is there a Pagan pride held at Nottingham every year in the UK? The same can be said for LGBT community really. There are lesbian communities inside it and others but overall there is a larger community that has a pride each year. Just like the Pagans do. That’s how I see it.

    • I agree that there is community in a number of places. I consider myself a part of a Pagan community, though the events in my area are a bit more scarce than in other places. However, others seem to be saying that there is no “Pagan” community, and I’m not sure why they say that. I believe their argument is that the word “Pagan” can’t be taken as a collective… but don’t quote me on that!

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