Guest Post: Springtime Fun

Hey there! It’s Soull Soothslayer from the blog University Witch!

Spring has finally hit, and along with Spring comes a few things we’re all familiar with: spring showers, pretty flowers, and of course, all of those silly fertility and bunny-humping jokes that your friends crack. But is Spring any different for a witch? What does a witch do for such a festive season?

While the more popular season is the fall and winter (due to Samhain and Yule creeping up on everyone), there are fun things to do during the spring, too! Here are a few things that might kick-start the mood for you!

1. Music – The Green Children

The Green Children are a European music group duo that write and produce super cool, atmospheric music to the likes of trance and electronic pop. For those whom find themselves harking back to Enya and Loreena McKennitt for all out new age music, this younger band is a great and more “modern” alternative, especially to those in Generation Y. Two songs in particular, “Black Magick” and “Dragons” are of interest. You can take a look at Dragons here!

2. Recreation –  Scarborough Fair

Taken by Soull Soothslayer

Oh my Ra. Scarborough Fair. This is the Dallas branch of it, but really, with the warm weather coming, any and all Renaissance festivals should be starting to spring open. Hahaha, get it? Because its spring… yeaaaah. Anyway, with food, fun, and festivities, its just another way to get you off the computer and to the outdoors! With the charm of beautiful crafts and good-smelling food (and of course, the awesome costumes!), its a great idea for you and your family, or a group of friends to go and spend time doing things together.

3. Crafts – Flower Petal Paper


With the return of spring comes along a wealth of beautiful flowers to use! While making flower chain crowns is a great past time, you ca also use them for doing a fun craft.. such as making handmade spell paper to write on! You can collect a single color of flower, or use multiple colors, as well as add seeds and spices! There is a fun tutorial I did on how to make some of your own, which included step-by-step instructions, including pictures.

Don’t let spring pass you by! There are magickal and fun ways to celebrate every season, so hop to it!

With Creative Love,
Soull Soothslayer, the University Witch


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