Question of the Week: Earth Day

Hey all!  So yesterday was Earth Day.  This week’s question is very simple:

Did you do anything for Earth Day?  If so, what did you do?

Post in the comments below!  Looking forward to seeing what people did!


4 responses to “Question of the Week: Earth Day

  1. I did nothing active for earth day unless watering plants and seedlings counts. I also experienced the miracle of sprouting a long-dormant tomato seed.

  2. We stayed at home…it was cold and rainy and the kiddos were sick…but that’s okay, because we do something for the Earth almost every day, which I actually talked about for my Earth Day post! We pick up trash at the area that we’ve adopted, unofficially.

    • I stayed home too, and for the same reason! (Except for the kids part, cuz I don’t have kids.) Cold and rainy and even a bit stormy. Not good Earth Day weather! I agree about doing something for the Earth every day… it was actually going to be my next post, about these kinds of holidays, lol. Looks like someone beat me to it!

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