Merry Beltane

Happy Beltane!

For some ideas on how to celebrate the holiday, and for some of its history, have a look at my previous post, “Beltane: The Really Fun Holiday.”

Some other ideas I want to add to my previous list are to plant a garden, actively focus on growing your goals for the coming year, and light candles.  A garden doesn’t have to be huge.  It can be as small and easy to care for as a window box garden.  The vibrant, new energy from Imbolc and Ostara is now transformed into fertility and growth to grow new things that will be ready for harvesting in the summer and fall.  Beltane is a joyous holiday, so be joyful and exuberant!

In honor of Beltane, I’ve collected some artwork from around the web that celebrates the holiday.  None of it belongs to me; all credit goes to the artists, and links to the original are included where possible.  Enjoy!

Beltane, by FrozenMeloday

Beltane, by FrozenMeloday

May Pole

May Pole

Beltane by ArjenHenry

Beltane by ArjenHenry


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