Question of the Week: Favorite Tarot Card

Hi everyone!  This week’s question is pretty simple.  There are usually certain cards that people like and don’t like.

Which tarot card is your favorite?  Why?

As always, comment below with your answer!


4 responses to “Question of the Week: Favorite Tarot Card

  1. Mine has to be the High Priestess. She is so beautiful and mysterious. Her intuition is admirable and I need to get in touch with my own.

  2. At this stage of my life, it has to be the Empress, narrowly beating out the ten of wands. I love the Rider-Waite depiction of the Mother in her full power, abundant, nurturing, and sensuous.

  3. My favorite Tarot Card is also the moon. I’ve just always felt a connection to the moon, it’s beauty, it’s energy, it’s loving light, all of it. And when I do tarot readings for myself, the moon ALWAYS shows up somewhere. And I feel a connection with the card as it being my special card in my deck. 🙂

  4. My favourite Tarot card is the moon as it has many attachments to everything around us, it also has attachments to astrology, the Occult and the spirit world, it is a powerful entity and dictates vmanyaspects of the world around us.

    I am a reader of the Tarot and if the moon card comes up, it translates as a secret is about to be told or a trust is going to be broken, it suggests secrecy and non transparency, it suggests the querant will only reveal what is intended and cover themselves in a shroud of darkness and mystery.

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