Question of the Week: Bringing in Nature

Nature plays a big part in Paganism, and sometimes, we just don’t get enough nature in our lives.  We may have the best intentions in the world, but it happens sometimes that we just don’t get outside enough. So this week’s question is:

How do you bring nature into your life?

Comments section below is the place to place your replies!


3 responses to “Question of the Week: Bringing in Nature

  1. I TOO inspire my life inside my home by lots of plants stones feathers homemade incenses…..i also love to gather fresh flowers from my garden in different seasons and dry them so i have them year around… i have tons of bundles of roses, lavendar, rosemary, even foxgloves preserved and scattered throughout my home! love and light!!!!

  2. Nature lives in my soul, so wherever I am, so is my nature! I have plants indoors and out, and I feel more alive when I have flowers strewn throughout my home! I have a nice collection of crystals that found me while living in an area where they lived, and I place them in window sills to gather energy. I love to look at them when I’m washing my dishes! I was once told that I am a collector of “inanimate objects”…I take that as a compliment!!! I have heart shaped rocks, feathers and shells incorporated into my decor. To say the least, I love nature and believe that I am more alive when surrounded by it! Thanks for the chance to write about it!

  3. Well.. I was just writing about the importance of Nature in witchcraft too in my new blog post 🙂 My nature is somehow limited and very rarely I get opportunity to belong to it. However I try to create nature around me when gardening. Also I simply stare at the sky and enjoy it look, cloudy and starry are my favorites. Just few days back I was enjoying the Moon light, it makes me feel inspired.

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