Question of the Week: Breathing

Last night, I attended a book study group that turned out to be very informative and served to remind me of some very important things.  One very important reminder was about the necessity of breath control and actually breathing.  I’ve always been a shallow breather, and recently it has come to my attention that this pattern needs to be corrected for my health.  So this week’s question is:

Do you pay attention to your breath?  Are you aware of how deeply you breathe?  Do you do anything to change or regulate the pattern of your breathing?  How important is breath and air to you in connection to your spiritual practice (aside from the obvious, that we need it to live).

Comments and answers go in the comments section below.  Thanks!


One response to “Question of the Week: Breathing

  1. I am a natural deep breather. I can’t say whether I’ve always been, but it has been true for years. I think it comes from wearing a leotard for dance class as a very small child and watching my belly go up and down; at some point a science teacher told us to watch our bellies while we breathed to demonstrate how inhaling makes the stomach expand — so “sucking it in” to make yourself look thinner has nothing to do with the inhale! She was a great teacher.

    When I notice I’m breathing shallowly, I’m either exercising or in definite need of a deep breath, a count to ten, and perhaps a good shake of the shoulders accompanied by a splash of cold water to the face. 😛

    I haven’t gone very deeply into using my breath as a tool, though. Basic relaxation and yoga are the farthest I’ve gone. Oh, and getting myself to sleep. I don’t think that was Wayne Dyer’s intention when he wrote about “getting in the gap”, but it sure helped me sleep soundly! XD

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