Store Review: The Wyrd Shop (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Address: 154 Canongate, Edinburgh, EH8 8DD
Rating: 5 of 5

Of the two shops I visited while in the UK, this one was my favorite.  It’s small and modest, but a rather refreshing change from the usual packed-to-the-walls New Age store I usually wander into.  This store came highly recommended because they carry more occult products rather than the New Age usual fare (more tools and books, less stones/crystals and the shiny pretty things that you don’t really need but which look nice).  By this I mean, more actual substance and less show.

The first time I stopped by the store, they were closed, which I thought was strange at 4:30 on a weekday.  I could not find the hours of operation on their website, so it’s possible they weren’t actually open that day. However, I went back the next day and was overjoyed to find them open for business.

I went inside and wandered around. I found a selection of incense, a small selection of stones, a number of statues that appeared of higher quality than I’m used to, some jewelry, some altar items, and a number of books and a few knick-knacks scattered around the walls.  This was more the type of store I was looking for.

I asked to see the rings, which were kept in a case.  The Man Behind the Counter came over and opened the case for me and we chatted about the weather back in the States (he’d heard about the disgusting East Coast heat wave), other Pagan shops, and things like that.  He was very nice and amiable, and unfortunately I didn’t catch his name.

This is a store I would go back to.  I liked their selection both in-store and online, and the people working there are friendly and obviously take pride in their store.  I haven’t ordered anything online yet, but the Man Behind the Counter told me that they have a wider selection online and ship to the US weekly, so things are shipped my direction frequently, which bodes well for getting any orders in a timely manner.

I give this store a 5 out of 5, and would definitely like to return if I ever get the chance.

If you’ve been to this store or have used their online shop, please feel free to add a comment and give your input!


2 responses to “Store Review: The Wyrd Shop (Edinburgh, Scotland)

  1. Love seeing new stores like this open, not enought of them. need more in all areas

  2. Just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Bloggers Award.

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