Happy Lammas!

Lammas starts tomorrow, August 1.  For some ideas on how to celebrate the holiday, and for some of its history, have a look at my previous post, “Lammas: The First Harvest.”

Some other ideas I want to add to my previous list are to greet the sun at dawn, actively focus on harvesting the rewards from the goals you put into place earlier in the year, and light candles.  The energy of the world begins to slow down now, though it’s still very vibrant and fresh and mature. The days have begun to shorten just a bit, heralding the slow slide into autumn.  Now is usually when you can begin to harvest and enjoy the rewards from the goals you put in place earlier in the year–but don’t rest on your laurels just yet!  Just as the farmers keep working in the fields to harvest more food, so you should keep working at making your goals bear fruit.  The year is only half over; we still have 5 more months until a new calendar year!  Lammas is a fun holiday, so make sure to have some fun and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

In honor of Lammas/Lughnasadh, I’ve collected some artwork from around the web that celebrates the holiday.  None of it belongs to me; all credit goes to the artists, and links to the original are included where possible.  Enjoy!

Image of fire goddess for Lammas

Image from spiritblogger.wordpress.com

Image of the harvest goddess

Image taken from autumnearthsong.com

Image of a woman in a hayfield

Image taken from lunarapollo.wordpress.com


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