Clearing an Apartment

Make your space your own!

I’ve written before about methods to clear and cleanse a space, such as a bedroom or a house.  I aim to cover less about the method in this post and more about why clearing a space in important.  It’s so convenient that I moved into my new apartment just a few days ago…

We’ve all heard the saying “if walls could talk.”  Well, walls can’t really speak, but they do absorb and hold on to the energies of the people living within them.  I experienced this while living in my last abode with a family member.  Said family member has lived in the same house for the last fifty years.  Said family member is very negative, and no matter how many times I cleared the negative buildup, there’s only so much I could do when this family member was just generating more of that depressive energy.

It was an uphill battle to clear the energy, and eventually I gave up.  That’s part of the reason I moved out the first chance I could.

In a new apartment or house that you’re moving into, however, you’re not necessarily facing the same kind of situation.  Oh, you probably have a buildup of energy from the previous occupants, but those occupants aren’t coming back to renew their energetic stamp on the place.  Once you’ve begun the process of clearing their energy out, you replace it with your own.

All of that leads up to the main point here: why it’s important to clear your space.

You have to own your space.  Truly make it your own.  Infuse it with your essence, fill the walls and rooms with your own energy and really make it your home.  By chasing out the residual energy, you are laying claim to the space and truly taking ownership of that space.

For a visual: imagine that the walls of your abode are a coat.  This coat is fifty years old.  It’s been passed from person to person, bought and sold and resold.  Each person has worn the coat and added their own dirt, stains, sweat, hair, pet hair, etc. to it.  And it’s never been washed.  By the time you get the coat, it’s worn out and filthy with the accumulation of all that dirt from every other wearer.  You don’t want to wear that filthy coat in that condition.  So what do you do?

Wash it.

Clearing a space is like washing that coat–you’re getting rid of the accumulation of the previous owners’ “dirt”.  By doing that, you make it new and fresh and make it your own.

Just think how much more comfortable that coat will be once it’s washed.

How to go about cleaning that space?  My method is to use incense.  Fill the space with incense (as much as you can without setting off the smoke alarm!) and then open the window or door wider and let it all float out the door, dissipating and never to return.

If you can’t use incense, such as in a dorm, open the windows as much as you can and air the place out.  It has the same basic effect, but I find the incense method much more effective at smoking everything out.


4 responses to “Clearing an Apartment

  1. Congratulations, you’ve been nominated for the Super Sweet Blogging Award! Check out the details here

  2. Well, the thing you are talking about in your post is very actual for many people. I do use incense to clear our room from any kind of negative energy there, as I believe that the arguments we had in there few times must have left their print. The house needs such purification anyway and especially after other people who live in it. You never know what things had happened in the house before.

  3. nice analogy 🙂

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