Happy Mabon!

Happy Mabon everyone!

What did you do to celebrate?

I spent my doing doing some fall cleaning in the apartment.  Spring is usually the best time for such activity, but it can really be done at any time of year if you have the right frame of mind.  I cleaned up my new place and put things in order and gave thanks for all I have.  At the Witch’s Thanksgiving that is Mabon, it’s appropriate to give thanks for the material and spiritual accomplishments of the year thus far.  And today, I was reminded of all that I have, but also of all that I no longer need–which is also something to be thankful for as it clears away the flotsam and jetsam weighing me down.

Image of Autumn from blackmorgan.tumblr

Image taken from solacewishes.tumblr

So how was your Mabon?


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