Happy Samhain

Happy Samhain!

For some ideas on how to celebrate the holiday, and for some of its history, have a look at my previous post, “Samhain: Holiday of the Dead.”

Some other ideas I want to add to my previous list are to light candles to guide the spirits of the dead or create an ancestor altar.  The full and fertile energy from Midsummer and Mabon is now settled down into the final harvest, and the beginning of the slumber of the earth.  At this time, the energy of the world is focused on preparing for winter and conserving energy for the following spring.  The energy takes on a much more introspective flavor, and this is generally a time to turn inward and take stock of how your year has played out.  Samhain is both a somber and joyous holiday, and many celebrations reflect this dichotomy.

In honor of Samhain, I’ve collected some artwork from around the web that celebrates the holiday.  None of it belongs to me; all credit goes to the artists, and links to the original are included where possible.  Enjoy!

Posted by field-mouse.tumblr.com

Posted in an article by Jessica Kolifrath

Image by elwenka


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