Question of the Week: A Passionate Life

As we begin the new year, I’ve been doing a lot of examination of my life and where I want to go this year.  One of the questions that has come up for me and for other folks I know is about passion and feeling passionate about life, or what you do, or for people.  But it gets back to the emotional center within us all and activating that center.  This week’s question(s):

What is your passion, if you have one?  What is your reason for getting up in the morning?

Answers go in the comments below!



2 responses to “Question of the Week: A Passionate Life

  1. I have two driving purposes in my life. One is to be a support to my family, particularly my daughter and nephew. The other is to finish the three novels swimming around in my head, and maybe a book of guided meditations for Norse deities.

  2. My passion is knowing that if I keep getting up and going to class that one day I’ll be able to help those animals that need helping. It also helps sometimes when the boyfriend is downstairs and I need to put on pants to let him into the building >>

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