(PBP) The Letter C: Curse

**This post is part of the Pagan Blog Project. Weeks 5 and 6 are the letter C. For more about PBP, check out their website here.**

I want to state from the very beginning that this post is not intended to be informational. It is about my opinion and my personal journey regarding curses.  This post is about what has worked for me and my personal experiences regarding this subject.  In no way am I advocating for or against curses, nor am I attempting to tell anyone who reads this post whether they should or should not curse.

I say this because the subject of curses can be a very touchy subject, and from what I’ve seen online and in person, many people have a strong reaction on both sides of the issue and knee-jerk reactions are common as well.  Debates can turn into arguments can devolve into name-calling and worse.

When I first started learning, I used to believe that cursing was wrong.  I thought it was wrong and bad and a horrible thing to do.  To me, cursing was just as bad as physically assaulting someone, and in my young world, physical assault was never an option.  Therefore, curses were never an option.

Cursing was also heavily linked to the idea of karma.  If I cursed someone, I would incur bad karma.  If I just started cursing willy-nilly and for no reason or little reason, then I would incur really bad karma.

Since then, I’ve altered my opinion.  I’ve grown both in my understanding of metaphysical concepts and in my understanding of the world.  For someone who used to be so heavily against any kind of attack, for any reason, the alteration to a different stance is somewhat jarring.  I can compare myself of Then and myself of Now and see the change in my beliefs.  Now I believe it’s OK to attack in defense of self or others.  Now I believe it’s OK to retaliate when it’s warranted.  I still don’t believe it’s OK to curse or attack anyone without proper cause, however.  That just feels wrong to me.  I refuse to start a fight or attack, but when attacked, by the gods, I will finish it in one way or another (and not always by cursing).

I’ve also had my understanding of karma altered.  I used to see it as a giant scale that weighed and measured a person’s good and bad, and doled out the universal response accordingly.  In all honesty, I used to see it a kind of rule book.  I can now see, after more study of the concept of karma, how that was incorrect.  Karma is not a rulebook.  It’s more like the classical Justice figure on a cosmic scale.  Karma is the blind enforcer of energetic exchanges, but there is no judgment of good or bad.  “Good” and “bad” are human judgments.  Granted, there may be near-universal “bad” actions, such as murder, or near-universal “good” actions, such as charity, but what is good and what is bad is defined by humans.  Karma does not say that we should not commit murder because murder is bad; rather, karma is more a return of your own actions.  But karma won’t step in and stop you.  Karma won’t judge.  Karma will be a blind reflection, a blind enforcer.

So when people say that cursing gives you bad karma, that’s not exactly true– the action is neither good nor bad.  In my understanding, karma is like a giant mirror.  It is true that cursing will cause a reflection of the energy you’ve sent out, but that is true for any action.  What we send out, we receive.  Cursing someone with a bad case of acne or something will cause an equal reflection of that same energy back to you.  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  So if you’re willing to accept the consequences of casting a curse on someone, then by all means, do so.  But I think most people are not aware (or don’t care) about the consequences of cursing, and so curse others blindly whenever they like.  That’s their choice, and I’m hardly one to tell them yea or nay.

I’ve never actually cursed someone.  I have done an action to speed up a person’s karma, but that’s not a curse–I simply asked they receive what they deserved.  There was one time when I had every right to curse someone because they stole a great deal of money from me, but I decided in the end that it wasn’t worth my time or energy (or the consequences) to curse them, I simply moved on from the incident and learned from it for the future.  I didn’t allow them to hold me back or pull me down, and I consider that a much more valuable use of my time and energy.

Now, in opposition to my earlier, younger position about cursing, I would put a curse on someone if they had threatened me or someone I care about, or if they threatened in some way my home or place of business.  At the moment, those are the only circumstances under which I would curse someone.  Those are the incidences I would consider worth the time, energy, and consequences of cursing.  As I grow older, that view may change.  And that’s OK.  Our views are meant to change and adapt as we grow and learn.



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