About Sita

Hi all my lovely readers!  I hope there are many of you.  My name is Sita.  I borrowed the name of a favorite Hindu goddess as my pseudonym for this site.  While it’s true that I’m blogging about paganism, I’m not entirely out of the broomcloset just yet!  So a pseudonym works to protect my privacy while I can still post my opinions and articles.  For the meaning of “Sita”, check out the Weekly Deity article on her here.

My blog is about paganism.  I write my articles to help spread information about paganism and what we believe–hopefully my information is good, and accurate.  I do my best to keep it that way!  I write about a number of topics, including methods of divination, interaction between human and the divine, mythology and deities, as well as other things, and I post news articles from other sources that relate to paganism.

New posts are put up at the very least three days a week, barring internet malfunction or scholarly interference or the end of the world.  A Weekly Deity review will be posted every Wednesday that covers information on a specific deity, including mythology, attributes and appearance in artwork, and each deity’s light and dark sides.  There are options on the homepage that you can use to subscribe to the blog: RSS feed and email subscription.

Please keep in mind that the information contained in these pages is largely the opinions and thoughts of the author, and should not be taken as the last authority, but as opinions, thoughts, and suggestions.


A pagan since the age of 13/14, I still consider myself a newbie to paganism and am still learning new things all the time.  I was active in the Pagan Student Union during college for three years.  I enjoy reading books, writing my own stories, following Maryland sports, and hanging out with my friends.  I live with my fuzzy cat Miss M.