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Tarot Readings From Me

Happy Tuesday all!

I’m looking for some good topics/news stories to make some good blog posts about. )If you have suggestions or requests, let me know.) In the meantime, I have a question for all my lovely readers: If I began offering tarot readings for a reasonable fee (and maybe for free on occasion), would anyone even be interested in getting a reading from me?

If I get enough interest, I’ll set up details on a Tarot Reading page and look into payments through PayPal. To give your opinion, answer the poll in this post and/or leave a comment.






Pathways Natural Living Expo

Today, I spent most of the day at the Pathways Magazine Natural Living Expo in Bethesda, MD.  It’s not a Pagan expo by any means, but since it’s New Age/metaphysical, I thought some of my lovely readers would be interested in hearing about it.

This was my first time attending the expo, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I don’t attend many conferences/fairs/expos, etc., though I plan on changing that in future (I’m going to Karmafest in May, for example).  What I found was a lot of booths offering metaphysical services, natural products, jewelry by the bucketload, gemstones, clothes, and aura photography.  There were also 80-something workshops throughout the day.  I chose not to attend most of the workshops so I could roam the tables more, but I did attend a 1:00 meditation.  More on that later.

The aura photography was one of my favorites.  I was literally the first customer for it, I was so excited.  The last time I’d had my aura photographed was in Sedona, AZ in 2011, so I was curious to see how it had changed.  I was rather surprised by the result.  It’s very red now, when before it had been red with a mass of yellow.  This seems like a huge change to me, and I’m not entirely certain of what it means.  Because of the large line that had already formed behind me, the photographers couldn’t offer very much insight beyond a quick look at the picture and a few words of their initial impressions.  That’s fine, I understand that at an event like this, everything is going to be more abbreviated than a normal session.  If you’ve never seen what an aura photo looks like, here are two of mine:

My aura photos. The one on the left was taken at The New Age Center in Sedona, AZ in 2011. The one on the right is from today at the Pathways Expo. I've covered my face for privacy purposes.

My aura photos. The one on the left was taken at The New Age Center in Sedona, AZ in 2011. The one on the right is from today at the Pathways Expo. I’ve covered my face for privacy purposes.

The picture above isn’t very good, since I took it with my crappy cell phone, but you can clearly see that my aura today was very red with a hint of pink at the top. And it’s much smaller than it was in 2011 (pic on the left).

I’ve always believed in the existence of auras, but the aura photography has seemed a little more sketchy at times.  I’m a skeptic by nature, so it’s a bit of a habit to doubt things.  However, this being the third time I’ve had my aura photographed, my skepticism has (mostly) been laid to rest.  Especially since the first two times were done by the same reader in Sedona, but nearly ten years apart, so there was no way she could remember me.  She gave me a lot of the same information the second time as the first, but more than that, what she saw confirmed a number of things about my personal life and helped me get clear on a direction to follow.  Anyway, while I know there are frauds out there (as there are in just about everything), I think aura photography is a fun thing to do and share.  I don’t necessarily think that if a photographer tells you they see disease or something like that in your aura that you should take their word for it, but perhaps consider going to the doctor if you’ve had any symptoms, etc.

[By the way, I apologize if this is a bit rambling.  I’m rather tired from spending the day in a crowd of mostly unshielded people.  It’s always draining for me, and the meditation I attended didn’t help in that respect.  So I’m a bit tired!]

After the photography, there was a table of polished, raw, and geode stones.  I was in heaven. I adore stones.  I’m always happy to go through stones and feel their differences and just appreciate these natural beauties.  This particular merchant, Mahalo Minerals, had a lot of different stones on display, and very reasonable prices.  I found a table of celestite geodes for very decent prices, and I ended up buying one.  It’s so happy to be home with me, and I’m so happy to have it!  Celestite is one of my favorite stones, for both its beauty and its properties.  Mahalo also had a number of beautiful stone spheres, some very clear.  They had spheres of selenite, which I had never seen before, and I ended up buying one of those as well.

Luckily that was the only money I spent!

After that, it was one booth after another.  My particular favorites were Sranrom Urban Wellness and Melissa Feick’s table.  At Sranrom Urban Wellness, they make natural products such as hand lotions, body cream, room mists, candles, etc.  They don’t use animal ingredients, parabens, glycol, petroleum derivatives, or synthetic colors or fragrances.  I tried the hand lotion and wanted to buy some on the spot.  It left my hands feeling so moisturized and soft without the oilyness that usually happens with other products I’ve tried.  And it lasts a long time–it’s been seven hours since I tried the hand lotion, and my hands still feel super soft!  Sadly, by that time, the representative had already sold out of the lotion, so I didn’t get to buy any, but I am definitely wanting to get my hands on some of their products.  They also have a men’s line, if any male readers are interested.

Melissa Feick is an excellent reader, and I was so happy to meet her in person today.  I’ve had two readings with her in which she connects to my guides and passes to me the information they have (and answer my questions, of course).  Both readings I’ve had with her have been spot on, and I would definitely go back to her in future.  She teaches a number of classes and workshops, and also runs a webinar about ascension.  I had never met her in person–my readings had been done over the phone for convenience, but she is such a warm and loving person, I felt immediately comfortable in her presence (and that doesn’t happen easily for me!) and just felt so welcomed by her.  She’s a lovely person and I have great respect for her work.  If you’re looking to go to an intuitive reader for a reading, I can suggest no one better and encourage anyone interested to explore her website. As I said before, I attended a meditation workshop this afternoon that she led, and the meditation she guided the class through was excellent.  It’s difficult to do in that sort of setting because people want to come in and out, and I have to say, there were a number of rude and inconsiderate (and pushy!) people at the expo today, who thought it was acceptable to try to come into a meditation workshop more than halfway through the hour.  I don’t understand people like that.  Anyway, I’m glad I went, because I felt clearer and better at the end than I had been feeling when I went into it.

I should’ve taken more pictures through the day, but I was too busy looking at everything.  The amount of jewelry was phenomenal, and I nearly spent more money than I had budgeted for the event because of the jewelry alone!  Clothes too, but I just stayed away from those booths.

I can’t wait for next year’s expo!  This was fun and exciting, and it was lovely to be surrounded by so many like-minded people who just want to live a better life, reach their individual potential, and share their experiences and learning with others.


Give Me a Pagan President

It’s 2012.  That means it’s an election year.  As many of you are probably aware, the politics and media frenzy have already swung into top gear.  Frankly, I’m a little tired of it–it’s been a media obsession since February–but I read the paper online daily and all the discussion and speculation on the election has brought me to a speculation of my own.

What if we had a Pagan president?

What would this person be like?  What would their policies be?  How would they handle conflict and foreign and domestic affairs?

Obviously, I can only speculate with generalizations from Pagan belief, since there are so many varieties of Pagan and a president could come from any one of those varieties.  But I think I can come up with a fairly decent idea of what a Pagan president would be like.

To start: a Pagan president is more likely to be female rather than male.  Not because there are few to no men in the Pagan traditions, but because there just happen to be a lot more women attracted to the paths.  There are actually a good number of men involved in Paganism to some degree, but women still outnumber men.  A PP is also more likely to be middle-aged or older, as there are higher numbers of those age groups currently, though the younger demographic in Paganism is rather large and certainly growing fairly rapidly.  Still, I think many Pagans still fall in the categories of middle aged or older.

This would be a refreshing change for the White House.  Imagine, a woman running things instead of a man.  What a novel and attractive idea!

I also think a Pagan president is far less likely to pander or bow to demands from the uber-Christian segment.  One of the main ideas (as far as I can tell) of many Pagan traditions is respect for others and for other religious beliefs.  This means that a Pagan president (for brevity, now abbreviated to PP) is more likely to want to balance opposing ideas and not skew too far in favor of any one religion, including their own.

A president represents an entire nation.  A president, therefore, will at times have to act against his or her conscience or personal beliefs in order to do what is right for the country.  A president should put the peoples’ needs before his or her own beliefs.  While I think it is good that a president has some kind of belief system, I don’t necessarily think a good president should govern based solely on personal beliefs, especially in this country.  There are just too many divergent beliefs and religious systems for any one system to be best to advise them all.

OK, back to qualities.  I think a PP would definitely do their best to enact environmental reform.  Nature is too large a part of so many Pagan traditions for a PP candidate to not attempt to protect the environment.  This quality comes not only from Paganism but from many other belief systems, so I don’t see this one as Pagan-exclusive.  It’s just more likely that a PP would enact such reforms.  These would probably include efforts to rebuild forests, cut down pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, research and development initiatives for alternate means of transportation to decrease the oil consumption, protection of endangered and threatened species, etc.

Many Pagan traditions also have a respect for life.  This makes it more likely that war would be the second or even third option, not the first, when dealing with “threats” to the country.  However, I also know many Pagans who say they won’t hesitate to defend themselves or their families if they are attacked.  A president basically has the entire country as their temporary family upon taking office–so this issue could potentially go either way.  My personal thought is that a PP would err more on the side of diplomacy first, attack second, but if someone attacks first…it’s difficult to say, really.

Hmm, what else… I think a PP would support freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to good medical care.  I’m not even going to speculate on the abortion debate–I’ve seen Pagans go both ways on the issue, and I don’t think anyone can generalize that one or say which way Pagans are most likely to lean.  So no comment on that one.  I believe many Pagans would support gay marriage, so a PP would be more likely to support gay marriage–but not necessarily a Constitutional change to support it.  As I understand it, marriage is a state issue, not a federal issue, and marriage is not federally mandated.  It’s taxed through the state, not the federal, government.  But I believe that if we define something as a right for one segment of society, then it is a right that must, by definition, be applied to all segments of society.  I think a number–half or more–of Pagans support gay marriage, so either way you look at it, a PP is more likely to support it than not.

So basically, a PP is more likely to be a middle-aged or older female, supportive of environmental reform, gay marriage, healthcare rights, and religious freedom, and more likely to be diplomatic rather than jump to warfare unless there is a need for conflict.

This is probably a stupid post, but ah, well, what can I say.  I was just thinking about what a Pagan president would be like and decided to write my thoughts down, despite the high number of generalizations.  It probably doesn’t help that I’m exhausted at the moment from work.  Well, hope you enjoyed!

Store Review: The Wyrd Shop (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Address: 154 Canongate, Edinburgh, EH8 8DD
Rating: 5 of 5

Of the two shops I visited while in the UK, this one was my favorite.  It’s small and modest, but a rather refreshing change from the usual packed-to-the-walls New Age store I usually wander into.  This store came highly recommended because they carry more occult products rather than the New Age usual fare (more tools and books, less stones/crystals and the shiny pretty things that you don’t really need but which look nice).  By this I mean, more actual substance and less show.

The first time I stopped by the store, they were closed, which I thought was strange at 4:30 on a weekday.  I could not find the hours of operation on their website, so it’s possible they weren’t actually open that day. However, I went back the next day and was overjoyed to find them open for business.

I went inside and wandered around. I found a selection of incense, a small selection of stones, a number of statues that appeared of higher quality than I’m used to, some jewelry, some altar items, and a number of books and a few knick-knacks scattered around the walls.  This was more the type of store I was looking for.

I asked to see the rings, which were kept in a case.  The Man Behind the Counter came over and opened the case for me and we chatted about the weather back in the States (he’d heard about the disgusting East Coast heat wave), other Pagan shops, and things like that.  He was very nice and amiable, and unfortunately I didn’t catch his name.

This is a store I would go back to.  I liked their selection both in-store and online, and the people working there are friendly and obviously take pride in their store.  I haven’t ordered anything online yet, but the Man Behind the Counter told me that they have a wider selection online and ship to the US weekly, so things are shipped my direction frequently, which bodes well for getting any orders in a timely manner.

I give this store a 5 out of 5, and would definitely like to return if I ever get the chance.

If you’ve been to this store or have used their online shop, please feel free to add a comment and give your input!

Store Review: Mysteries (London, England)

Address: 9-11 Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9EQ, UK
Rating: 4 out of 5

Mysteries has been in London for many years.  I heard of the store both online and through recommendations from locals and other visitors who had been there.  So, when I went to Coven Garden, I decided to check out the store.

Inside, it’s a mixture of so many different things.  Books, crystals and stones, incense, statues and figurines from a variety of different traditions and religions, tarot and oracle cards, jewelery, bags, and so much more.  I could have spent more time in there, honestly, just looking at the wide array of products.

I went in specifically to look for tarot cards, stones, and tools, especially an athame.  I found the stones and cards pretty easily, both in the rooms off the main room.  The store stocked many different decks, but none felt right or really appealed to me, so I didn’t buy a deck this time.  I found the stones, which I did buy, and I liked the selection they had in stock.  They did look like the kind of stones that could be picked up at just about any New Age-type store, but that’s not necessarily bad.  I needed to restock on my quartz stones.

I was disappointed at the lack of tools, however.  If they did stock them, I didn’t see them, and being so close to closing, I didn’t ask about them.  I tried to get back to the store during my stay in London, but unfortunately it didn’t work out.

To be honest, I’m not sure what I expected exactly, but I had been given the impression of a more Pagany kind of store, but it really wasn’t very different from any store in Sedona, AZ.  It has a lot of the basics and does very well in that, and also stocks a lot of interesting statuettes and such from traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, but I don’t think I would have found the things I was really looking for, namely, the tools (i.e., cauldrons, athames, wands, etc.).

It’s a decent store, the service was excellent, and the people were friendly.  When crowded, it’s a bit of a squeeze, but that can happen in any store.  So I give the store a 4 out of 5 rating.