Is there something you want me to cover on the site?  Have a question you don’t want to ask in front of others?  Fill out the form on this page and let me know!

Also, if you should be sending negative feedback, please read my open letter.  Originally published May 8, 2011 as a response to a specific incident, it nevertheless has important points about what kind of responses to the blog I will support.  I absolutely in no way support or condone hateful messages, unhelpful criticisms, or flaming of me, the blog, or the commenters on this site.  Thank you.


4 responses to “Feedback

  1. Hey you,
    You may want to check out Google Buzz. It’s an easy way to advertise blog posts with basically no extra work (and they’re working on Twitter updates through it). It’s sort of like facebook status, but integrated into your email. May help advertise the blog, but only stats will ultimately tell.

  2. Hey, you should add in a direct link to RSS for your posts! RSS makes it easy for people to keep track of when you update your website( – there should be an option for it in your admin menu.

    • Ahhh!! I figured out how to get RSS feed on here! FINALLY!!
      It’s up now, on the sidebar, along with an email subscription option.