Guest Writers

Starting this year, I’m searching out guest writers for the blog.  Even if they only write one or two posts, Guest Writers will be featured on this page.  Pen names are allowed for those who prefer not to use their real name.

Interested in writing a guest post?  Send an email to: and talk to me about it!

A Witchy Life’ Guest Contributors

Tori is a graduate of the University of Maryland.  She likes reading, anthropology, linguistics, and hanging out with her boyfriend.  Her other blogs include The Not So Angry Feminist and Veggie Slaughterer.  For ‘A Witchy Life’, mainly Tori writes about the properties and uses of herbs for medicine and magic, and how to make and use herbal oils, teas, and sachets.

Kyros is a Computer Science major at the University of Maryland.  He spends his time primarily doing Computer Science-y things, but has practiced paganism since he was eight.  His writing on AWL primarily focused on curses.  Kyros, due to unforeseen circumstances, no longer writes for AWL, but his posts are found here: Curses, Part One; Curses, Part Two; and Curses: Part Three.

Soull, from University Witch, maintains her own blog about the lifestyle of a modern day witch.  Soull is a business major and is interested in antiques, dolls, and old literature.  For ‘A Witchy Life’, Soull will be writing about lifestyle topics and how to put magick into daily life, as well as maybe doing some posts on tips for interesting music artists, clothing finds, and ways to celebrate the Sabbats.

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Anna is a graduate of Moscow State University, a Russian language specialist. She has always been fond of literature and linguistics. She is also a girl married to an Indian and happily living with him in India. She has many hobbies and struggles to find time for all of them. She started the blog Witchcraft and More with a thought of exploring thing that have been interesting for her since childhood, like magic, mystics, and secrets of nature, from the philological point of view.