Helpful Websites

A list of websites that are helpful to both newbies and old hands alike.  Information pages, news sources, shops, and more!


  • The Witches’ Voice–a source of pagan news and information, as well as networking and interesting articles from users.  Click me!
  • Pagan News–a great website with pagan-focused articles, trivia, news, and links to other websites and resources.  Click me!


  • Scott Cunningham–this site is from the publisher Llewellyn.  It has a short bio about Cunningham as well as a list of his books, which you can also buy through the website.  Click me!
  • Christopher Penczak–his official site.  A friend highly recommended these books to me.  Although I have not read them yet, they are on my list to read and as soon as I read them I’ll be sure to let you know!  Click me!


  • Capricorn’s Lair–a HUGE online shop with just about everything a pagan could want.  Jewelry, herbs, stones, books, some clothing, and tons more.  I’ve shopped from there before, and they usually have some items on clearance, plus once you buy from them and allow email communication, they usually will send out a coupon around every Sabbat with special deals.  Click me!
  • Witches Moon–online site that sells handmade books and other items.  I haven’t used them, so I don’t know if they’re good, but they certainly look interesting.  If anyone buys something from their site please let me know!  Click me!
  • Medieval Mantles–online shop selling handcrafted cloth items, such as tarot bags.  I haven’t used them, but they look interesting as well.  Click me!
  •–this shop looks similar in size and purpose to Capricorn’s Lair.  I haven’t used this site as of yet, so I don’t know their selection or service.  If anyone buys from them please let me know.  Click me!


  • Tarot Card Meanings–a great website I stumbled on a while ago that has helped me in learning what the tarot cards mean.  Please pay attention to and read his introduction, it is important.  Then explore and enjoy!  Click me!
  • Aeclectic Tarot–a website with hundreds, if not thousands, of alternative and unusual tarot decks.  Some very interesting things found here!  Click me!

Other Information

  • Godchecker–a neat website I stumbled upon in mythology research.  Basically a listing with descriptions and sometimes stories of gods from every pantheon you could imagine and some you didn’t know exist.  Click me!
  • Goddess A Day–interesting blog in which various goddesses are named and detailed.  Stumbled across this on a blog search!  I’m certainly intrigued.  Click me!
  • A Pagan Tapestry–a blog that also looks very interesting and informative.  Click me!

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